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Webport - compare travel offers at their source


Comparing travel offers direct from vendors just got easy.

Why would I want to use webport? No other travel site provides you with full offers from all the major airlines.

With Webport you enter your info once and get offers from all the major airlines displayed in a manner that

allows easy comparison.

entry panel







Simply enter your travel requirements









and press Get Airlines





list airlines

Webport provides a list of airlines that fly your route.




As you can see, Webport checks Expedia and the 3 airlines most likely to provide a best fare. You can check additional airlines and even uncheck airlines you don't want an offer from.


Webport includes offers for nearby airports. In this example, JetBlue and Southwest fly from a nearby airport.


To determine the top 3 airlines to check Webport has developed a bestfare system that uses feedback from users like yourself and additional historic data.

Webport lets you view offers direct from each airline.

You view offers at the airline's website. After tapping "Get offers direct from airlines," the results screen is displayed.


results display

Now you can view offers from each of the major airlines as well as Expedia and other online travel agencies.


Below is an offer from Southwest. Webport lets you keep up to seven offers open at a time.

You can review each offer and then go to the offer you want and book your flight.

You can also view offers from travel agencies.

Southwest Offer


Expedia results

Above is an offer from Expedia and below is an offer from United.

United results

The tabs at the top let you switch between offers. Offers from all of the airlines are now available:

multiple display of offers



Webport also lets you use the same approach to book a hotel and rental car.

hotel search Eugene, OR

Simply provide your city and dates once and Webport will provide offers for all the major hotels you select.


You can view up to seven full offers at a time.

You can filter your search.

For example, if you want to view inexpensive hotels, then using Hotel Type, select Economy.

Hotels are categorized as Economy, Middle and Upper.


Hotel results for Eugene, OR

Tap the tab for Courtyard (Marriott) and see their offer:

Offer from Courtyard for Eugene, OR

Here is the offer from Super8:

Offer from Super 8

and here is the offer from Motel 6:

Offer from Motel6


You can also receive offers from travel agencies.

Expedia hotel offers for Eugene

Webport lets you compare full offers from all the major hotels at their sites.

Hotels in Eugene

You can also book a rental car.

Car search in Austin

After you enter your city and dates, then webport provides a list of rental cars in that city.

Car rentals in austin


Select the rental car to receive an offer direct from the rental car company's website.


You can also receive offers from travel agencies like Expedia, Hotwire, Orbitz and more.


Select the best offer and book your rental car.


Phones (plus Flight Status and Websites)
for Airlines, Hotels, Car Rentals, and OnlineTravel Agencies

While you're traveling you may need to contact an airline or hotel. Webport provides a comprehensive list of the airlines, hotels,

car rental companies, and travel agencies. Just select the Phone link on the bottom menu.




When you select an airline to call Webport displays a menu of choices including making a call using Skype, launching the airline's website or viewing flight status information from the airline.


Be sure to see the many useful Travel Tools Webport provides by tapping the Travel Tools link at the bottom.

If you have an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android phone, Android tablet or Windows phone, then install the webport app for free.

We hope you enjoy using Webport. Tell your family and friends and help us spread the word.

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